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Although APEX is a new company, as a family, we have been designing and building steering and suspension products for over 30 years. Our previous company, XRF Chassis (famous for it's Million Mile Warranty), manufactured over 6000 SKU's of OE upgraded components and supplied many of your favorite off-road companies including Barnes 4WD, Doetsch Off Road, RPM Steering and many more. 

After selling XRF, and taking some time, off we decided to start APEX Chassis, geared solely to supply the Jeep and 4X4 truck community with the strongest possible steering and suspension upgrade products.

The APEX Difference:

At APEX we design, engineer and manufacture all of our SKU's to our exact specifications. If it says APEX on it, from start to finish, it is our product.

Many "steering" companies make tubes and then outsource the most complicated and important part of the system, the ends. At APEX every component in your steering system is designed, engineered and manufactured by us to work together for the best possible system.

In our steering systems we also ensure that all the geometry is built into our forged steel ends, so you will never see bends in the tubes. Bends in tubes are used as an inexpensive way to re-purpose straight tie rod ends when a custom engineered off-set tie rod should be used.

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