Carli 2019-23 Ram 3500 Add-A-Pack and Billet Rear Block with U Bolts

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SKU: CS-DPAP3-19-4.25 Manufacturer Part Number: CS-DPAP3-19-4.25
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– Fitment: 2019+ Ram 3500 4×4, With 4.25″ Axle Tube
– Will NOT fit 2019+ 3500 with Factory Air-Assist


SKU: CS-DPAP3-19-4.25 
– Add-A-Pack Replaces lower overload spring
– More predictability and Spring Progression Keeps Tires Planted
– 1″ Block included to match our 3″ Suspension Systems
– 2″-2.5″ Total lift with Add-a-Pack and Block Combination
– Includes U-Bolts and Center Pins


The 5 leaf progressive add a pack rear springs replace the lower overload leaf on the factory leaf spring pack (1″ thick leaf that doesn’t follow the contour of the rest of the pack) with 5 thinner gauge leaf spring designed to maintain the factory load capacity while increasing mobility of the spring. Improved traction and predictability are immediately noticeable and as is a much-improved ride off-road and when loaded.

The 2019 Ram 3500 brought a few changes to the platform. First, the rear axle was upgraded to the AAM 12″ from the 11.5″ in previous generations increasing the axle tube diameter to a whopping 4.25″. Additional, the rear end of the truck was lowered nearly 2″. From the factory, this give a 1″-1.5″ rear high stance. To accommodate this change, we’ve added a 1″ in house machined Billet Aluminum block to our progressive add-a-pack (totaling 2″ – 2.5″ of lift) to ensure a level stance when paired to our 3″ front lift coil springs.