Carli 2003-2018 Ram 3500, 2003-2013 2500 Diesel 1" Lift Add-A-Pack with U Bolts

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SKU: CS-DPAP-03-D Manufacturer Part Number: cs-dpap-03-d
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Progressive Add-A-Pack, Diesel, 1" Lift


- Replaces lower overload spring
- More predictability and Spring Progression Keeps Tires Planted
- 1" lift matches to our 3" front systems
- Includes U-Bolts and Center Pins
- Fitment: 2003-13 Ram 2500 4x4, Diesel
- Fitment: 2003-2018 3500 4x4, Diesel
- Will NOT fit 2013+ 3500 with Factory Air-Assist


The 5 leaf progressive add a pack rear springs replace the lower overload leaf on the factory leaf spring pack (1″ thick leaf that doesn’t follow the contour of the rest of the pack) with 5 thinner gauge leaf spring designed to maintain the factory load capacity while increasing mobility of the spring. Improved traction and predictability are immediately noticeable and as is a much-improved ride off-road and when loaded.

We offer Diesel and Hemi Configurations (3.5″ and 4.0″ diameter axle tubes) in 1″ and 4″ rear lift height configurations to accommodate both our 3″ and 6″ front lift heights respectively.