Carli 2003-2011 Ram 2500 3500 HEMI Long Travel Air Bag System

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FITS Ram 2003-2011 Long Travel Air Bags, Hemi only

- Supports up to 12 inches of travel
- Compatible with 1"-2" Rear Lift, 4" requires CS-AIRBAGSPCR
- Restore Factory Payload to Full Progressive Spring Equipped Rams
- Adjustable Rear Loaded height, 2,000lbs (each) Capacity at 100psi
- Fitment: 2003-11 Ram 2500/3500 4x4 Hemi, 3.5" Axle Tube
- Non Traction Control Equipped, Single rear brake line ONLY

Designed to cycle on Carli's Add-a-Pack and Full Progressive leaf springs, these airbag systems will bolt in and allow users adjustable payload capacity (up to a leveled stance at the truck's max capacity) following the installation of a lighter rate leaf spring pack.

Heavy Duty trucks ride rough, that’s a fact – that’s where we come in. In the endless pursuit to make your 3/4-1 ton pickup ride like your wife’s SUV, you’ll likely be replacing the factory, immobile leaf springs with a softer alternative resulting in a payload reduction. These airbags allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

Let’s talk about the bags. These proprietary airbags are noting from a catalog. Sage (Carli) worked with our manufacturer on a no-compromise airbag to meet the demands of OUR customer base. These bags Boast BILLET upper and lower pistons. The Pistons themselves are tapered as is the sleeve of the bag. Why? Larger upper piston, smaller lower piston means less spring rate ramp. If you were to run the same size upper and lower pistons (think every other double bellow airbag kit), you get exponentially increasing spring rate as the bags compress making the rear end short travel, volatile and VERY hard to control. It’s stiff until it stops, then rebounds (bounces out) VERY hard. If you’ve ever been in a truck with these style of airbags, you know exactly to what i am referring.

Our bags are still bags, the rate still ramps much faster than a typical spring would but these are the least of all available evils. We run Tapered pistons and limit the bags to 2,000lb. (ea.) capacity at their 100psi “working” load. We get the question a lot; what’s working load? Working load means the bag itself will see MUCH higher loads than the 100psi to which you’re inflating them. Throw a trailer on the back – theoretically, let’s say you fill these to 100psi to get the truck perfectly level. Drive down the road, hit a speed bump that sends the axle 3″ up the travel stroke and you’ve compressed that 100psi effectively increasing the pressure. So what pressure can these bags take? We test them continually – from every batch of airbags, since their release circa 2010, in a LOADED fixer. This means the bag is compressed to working height before inflated to failure. On average, they Burst between 500-600psi.