Baja Designs Ford Super Duty 2020-2022 Fog Lights Dual FPK SAE/Pro DC Baja Designs w/Upfitter

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Ford Squadron SAE/Pro Fog Pocket Light Kit - Ford 2020-22 F-250/350 Super Duty with Upfitter switch harness.  Clear Lense

The Baja Designs Fog Pocket kit is the perfect mix of high-quality on and off-road performance for your Super Duty 2020-On! Available in White or Amber, this kit utilizes the factory pocket to pack two Squadron lights on each side. This kit features amber SAE-compliant fog lights on the outside, controlled by the factory fog switch, and a pair of driving/combo lights inside, operated by your upfitter system. The included wiring harness is used in conjunction with factory upfitter systems, and sPOD / Switch Pros units. If you’re looking to add not only safety but lighting performance this is your kit!