2023 Bronco Baja Designs Fog light kit, DV8 Slider Steps And DV8 Bumper Bull Bar

2023 Bronco Baja Designs Fog light kit, DV8 Slider Steps And DV8 Bumper Bull Bar

This was a fun little project.  A customer contacted us wanting some DV8 Slider Steps installed with the DV8 Bull Bar.  Nice additions to the Bronco that improve the rugged look and some functionality.

The DV8 Bull Bar for The Bronco Steel bumper is a quick addition that bolts to the factory bumper bolts.  In a half hour of work it adds a tough off road look to the front of the Bronco.

You can see The DV8 Bull Bar Here

DV8 Offroad 2021-2022 Ford Bronco (Not For Factory Plastic Bumper) Fac – Strapt Performance Diesel And Offroad

To add a little protection to the rocker panels and step to all 4 doors we installed the DV8 OE Plus 4 Door steps.  These are like a Slider Step that replaces the factory slider.  They bolt in to the factory mounting locations with no drilling required.  They took an hour or so to install and best to have another set of hands to help hold them in place while bolting up.

If you want to see details on the DV8 steps click this link

DV8 Offroad 21-22 Ford Bronco OE Plus Series Side Steps – Strapt Performance Diesel And Offroad

Now on to the Baja Designs Amber Fog Pocket Kit for Upfitter switch install.  This kit is available with amber or clear lens SAE approved street legal fog lights.  Also in the kit is a pair of S2 wide pattern lights and a pair of S2 spot pattern lights.   With these 3 lights on each side you have all angles covered with light shining in all forward positions.   The SAE legal light can be used on the street and is connected to one upfitter switch.  The other 4 lights are for offroad use only so they are all tied in to a second upfitter switch.   The Baja designs kit comes with all adapters and harness for a seamless install that does not require splicing into any wires or running any wires inside the Bronco.  Just connect the harness to the factory upfitter wires in the engine bar.

Here are the amber SAE lights on their own for street driving and off road use.  These lights have a low cut off line so you wont blind oncoming traffic or shine through rear windows.

Here are the four S2 lights on their own for off road use.

And all 6 lights on.

Besides giving you all the useful light you need these just look cool even when they are off

This fog pocket kit is available with a harness to connect to upfitter switches but if you dont have the switches there is a kit available with a harness with toggle switches.  In total there a 4 different kit for amber or clear fogs and with or without upfitter switch harness.  There are also fog light kits available if you have the factory plastic bumper.   You can see all the Baja Designs Bronco fog light kit at the link below.

Vehicle Specific Lighting Upgrades – tagged "Ford-Bronco-2022" – Strapt Performance Diesel And Offroad