2013 F150 Rough Country Rear Wheel Well Liners

2013 F150 Rough Country Rear Wheel Well Liners

This article is based on a 2013 Ford F-150 but the same applies to most any truck. 

Have you ever taken your truck out on the trails and through some mud?  If not then just skip this review because you dont know the struggle of getting all the mud and rocks out of the rear wheel well area.   Most F150s did not come with rear wheel well liners.  This means mud and rocks get thrown all over the frame and between the bed box and outer fender area and its a pain in the butt to get it all out.

Adding a set of rear wheel well liners will keep mud from packing on the inside lip of the bed and frame.  It will make clean up so much easier since the mud will just rinse right off the plastic liner.

So here's what most of the trucks look like stock.   This is my truck after I power washed the wheel well after a trip out on some trails.  The body color on the wheel well is stained but I got all the mud off the frame and off the inside edges of the bed side.  

The installation process will vary by year and model.  On the 2013 F150 it was pretty easy.  A couple bolts on the bed side support brackets were removed.  I loosened other ends on the brackets to make it easier to line things up. 

One thing I found out on the Lariat model and others with OE fender flares is that the instructions say you have to cut these plastic push clips that go around the wheel lip.  I tried it without cutting the clips, mainly because I didnt read the instructions first, and it just wouldnt go in to place.   So these clips get cut down so they arent sticking up past the wheel lip.

My Plan was that if my flares ended up being loose because of cutting these push clips I would replace them and when installing the new ones run a drill through the hole so it would put a hole in the new wheel liner so the push clip would go through the fender flare then the fender lip then the wheel well liner and hold it all together but I have not had to do that yet.

Now after working the liner in to place, lining up holes and reinstalling bed brace support bolts that were removed, you may need to drill one hole on each side to secure the liner to the frame with the supplied push clips.

Here is the finished product.  A much nicer look and so much easier to clean after a day out on the trails.   

Here is a link to the liners I used from Rough Country that fit 2004 to 2014 Ford F-150 trucks.

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