2013 F-150 Morimoto 4Banger LED Fog Light Kit

2013 F-150 Morimoto 4Banger LED Fog Light Kit

I'll admit at first I wasnt so sure about the Morimoto 4 Banger lights with 3 LEDs in them.  Just sounded weird.  But now that I installed a set and took them out to a dark road to test them out, I am convinced.   These things are rad.

On this 2013 F150 we got the Morimoto 4Banger fog pocket kit with their NCS series lights.  They also have the XHB series that come with an even brighter LED chip set in them.  The fog light kits come standard with an SAE approved wide angle beam.   The cut off line on these is amazing as you will see in the pictures below.  The lights can also be custom ordered with a combo beam or spot beam but for a fog light application that can be used in normal driving whenever you would have your OE fogs on, the wide beam lights are perfect.

Before you get started there are 2 tools you want to make sure you have that may not be common in all tool sets.    A T9 torx and a T30 torx.   You will need the ones that are either in screwdriver form or the L shaped ones like an allen wrench set.  a socket bit T9 didnt work for us in the bezel screws.  Also a phillips screwdriver tip on a 1/4 inch ratchet makes it easier to get the screws out of the adjusters.

Now to start you need to take out your factory fog light housings.   This is pretty simple.  Unplug it then remove the adjuster screw then pop them out of the clips on the sides.   You can use a screwdriver to pry open the clips on each side of the light that the light pops in to.

Once you get the lights out you can assemble the new Morimoto fogs.   The kit comes with one box for the lights and a separate sealed pack for the housing parts that need assembled.  

I didnt see any instructions in the box but Morimoto has them available on their website.  But you wont need them, if you can build legos you can assemble this kit.

First take the back part of the housing and the front trim piece and snap them together.   Use the 4 small T9 torx screws to secure the 2 pieces.   Then set the 4Banger LED pod in to the housing, it will only go in one way to match up the tabs on the sides.

Then use the larger T30 torx screws to secure the light pod to the housing.

One T30 screw on each side.

Dont forget to pop in one of the plastic nut plate things in from the top on the arm that sticks out the back.   This is what the adjuster screw will go in to.  The kit comes with a new adjuster screw but its a fine thread machine screw.  I found it very hard to use to get started in to the nut plate while holding the adjuster spring in place and getting it to line up.   I grabbed one of the old adjuster screws with a pointed tip and course threads and it went in much easier so plan on just reusing the old screw.

Push the light housing in the fog light hole until both sides snap into the fog light bezel.  Then take your adjuster screw and spring, push the screw threw the hole on the OE bezel housing, through the spring and into the nut plate on the morimoto housing and tighten it up.  it should look like the first picture I posted of when it was being taken apart.  Now the light is assembled and can move to the other side.  Oh ya, plug the light in using the included adapter harness.

Now is a good time to turn the lights on and see the difference between the stock light and the new Morimoto 4Banger LED.

Once you are done admiring the awesome difference in light output and light color you can change the other side.   It will go quicker the second time now that you are an expert on this.

Now wait until it is dark to adjust the lights and line then up.  You want the light pattern to be low, these are wide angle fog lights, not long distance spot lights, and you dont want to blind drivers in front of you.

Now find a long dark road and check out the difference with the 4Banger LED fog lights on and off.

Here I have only my factory HID headlights on.

Now this is with the Morimoto 4Banger LED foglights on also.

Notice how much brighter, wider and whiter the light is.   And the best thing is that the light pattern is low and wide so it will not bother other drivers and can be left on for use in city driving.

Overall I am very happy with this LED fog light conversion kit.   The parts are well made, easy to install and look like they belong on the truck and not some after thought.   They light output is more than enough for what I want.  But for even more light the Morimoto HXB series fog lights can be bought for an additional $200 upgrade.   But for the base kit at $380 this kit is hard to beat.   Its available for most Ford, Ram, Toyota trucks and many more from 2009 and newer.   While this right up is for a 2013 F150 the process is almost identical on the F150 up to 2020.  

Here is a short cut to the Morimoto Fog light kits,  Vehicle Specific Lighting Upgrades – Strapt Performance Diesel And Offroad